Newly released CIHEAM publication on experiences and knowledge for Xylella fastidiosa and its vectors in Europe

Posted on إثنين, 10 يوليو 2017, 12:02

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The FAO-IPPC-CIHEAM combined efforts organizing an international workshop on Xylella fastidiosa and the Olive Quick Decline Syndrome (OQDS) have resulted in the publication of the proceedings of these events providing information on the state of Xylella fastidiosa infection in the European Union and the Mediterranean Region.

Stemming from a major outbreak in Italy of Xylella fastiodiosa associated with OQDS, NPPOs of North African, the Near East, and Euro-Mediterranean countries expressed their concerns and a need for further information and training in preventing the introduction and spread of this pathogen and its vectors. The FAO, IPPC and CIHEAM responded to this need through the organization of a dedicated to sharing updated information and training in newly developed methods and technical protocols for early surveillance diagnosis and control of Xylella fastidiosa and its vectors.

The publication gives national and international stakeholders an opportunity to find the latest experiences and knowledge on this pest. It includes notes on breakthrough research, current Mediterranean, EU, and global legislation and initiatives, surveillance, detection and control measures. The document also includes a complete list of scientific publications over the past ten years.

This publication gives a strong basis towards building national phytosanitary capacity, awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns to combat Xylella fastidiosa.

To access the publication and its contents click here.

For previous IPPC activities related to Xylella fastidiosa click here.

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