IPP Editorial Guidelines (draft)

خميس, 21 سبتمبر 2006, 00:00
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Handout no.08

IPPC Reporting Obligations - What does an NPPO have to do? The attached (draft) document is intended to provide editorial guidance to IPP editors to ensure they are better able to enter the correct information in the appropriate place and ensure a more consistent quality of information across countries in the IPP.

All different types of data entry forms are explained in detail, whereby reference is made to the existing help guides: IPP Help Guide (Part I): IPP Navigation & Browsing & IPP Help Guide (Part II): Data Entry The IPP Support Group in its last meeting concluded that it is essential to develop editorial guidelines for data entry to ensure consistency of data and placement of data (reference is made to the Report of the IPP Support Group Meeting 2005, point 1.3.2: Editorial Guideline). This guidance has been developed through the IPP Support Group.

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