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Expert Consultation on Cold Treatments (ECCT)

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The Expert Consultation on Cold Treatments (ECCT) has held a meeting 02-06 December 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The ECCT participants discussed several issues related to the development and use of cold treatments as well as confidence in the experimental design and science supporting cold treatments.

The experts provided an overview of cold treatments they have developed and used and identified the main issues that need to be considered. ECCT participants discussed scientific and practical issues related to the development of cold treatments. The ECCT identified the gaps in the research and methodologies used, including statistical analyses of data and the limitations of these analyses. Participants discussed the ways to facilitate collaboration to conduct future research and identified critical requirements for operation of cold treatments.  

The ECCT meeting determined acceptable common approach in development of cold treatments and issue to be addressed in experimental design.

The ECCT participants agreed to continue this work within international scientific network of cold treatments experts in order to share information and data to develop more globally acceptable cold treatments and increase the confidence in the cold treatment evaluation process.

The ECCT meeting approved the work plan for future collaboration among all involved in the ECCT and proposed to meet again in August 2015.


Meeting report is posted below. 

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