Absence of Tilletia controversa from Australia

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Mon, 27 Jul 2015, 00:17
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July 27, 2015, 12:17 a.m.
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Tilletia controversa - (TILLCO)
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Wheat (Triticum spp.) Barley grass (Critesion spp.) Occasionally other Poaceae.
Pest Status (old values from ISPM 8 -1998 )
  • Absent: pest records invalid
Pest Status (ISPM 8 - 2021)
  • Absent: pest records invalid

Records of Tilletia controversa in Australia are misidentifications of Tilletia trabutii. Smut on barley grass (Critesion spp.) in Australia and other countries was attributed to Tilletia controversa for many years (Vánky and Shivas 2008). However, molecular and morphological criteria show that smut of barley grass in Australia is not caused by Tilletia controversa but by Tilletia trabutii (Vánky and Shivas 2008). In Europe and North America, Tilletia controversa causes dwarf bunt on winter wheat, but this dwarf bunt has never been reported to occur on wheat in Australia (Vánky and Shivas 2008).

Determination that the pest is not present.
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Australian Chief Plant Protection Officer Australian Government Department of Agriculture GPO Box 858 Canberra ACT 2601 [email protected]
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