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Pest Reports from Cameroon

  Report Number Identity of Pest 标题 Publication Date 最后更新与  
CMR-01/3 Banana bunchy top virus - (BBTV00) Occurrence of Banana Bunchy Top Disease on banana and plantain in Cameroon 07 Sep 2010 06 Sep 2010
CMR-02/3 East African cassava mosaic virus - (EACMV0) First report of the East African cassava mosaic virus-Uganda (EACMV-UG) infecting cassava (Manihot esculenta) in Cameroon. 23 Aug 2011 22 Aug 2011
CMR-03/4 Paracoccus marginatus - (PACOMA) The papaya mealy bug (Paracoccus marginatus) in Cameroon 05 Feb 2015 05 Feb 2015
CMR-04/6 Spodoptera frugiperda - (LAPHFR) First report of the fall army worm Spodoptera frugiperda in Cameroon 02 Jun 2017 02 Jun 2017