Signalement des organismes nuisibles via le Service d'Information de l'OEPP (French pest reporting through the EPPO Reporting Service)

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Différents organismes nuisibles (Different pests)

  • EPPO Reporting Service: The EPPO Reporting Service is a monthly information report on events of phytosanitary concern. It focuses on new geographical records, new host plants, new pests (including invasive alien plants), pests to be added to the EPPO Alert List, detection and identification methods etc. The EPPO Reporting Service is published in English and French:

  • PQR - EPPO database on quarantine pests: PQR (Plant Quarantine data Retrieval system) provides detailed information on the geographical distribution and host plants of quarantine pests. Its search tools also allow the users to identify commodities which are able to act as pathways in international trade for the movement of pests and diseases. In recent years, the database has been extended to cover invasive alien plants. The new PQR version also includes world maps, pictures and active links to the EPPO Reporting Service. When NPPOs have provided an official pest status (in the terms of ISPM 8), it is displayed in a text field. PQR can be downloaded free of charge from:

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