APEC Workshops on Building Biosecurity Planning and Surveillance Capacity for APEC Member Economies

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Workshop for APEC member countries on Building Biosecurity Planning & Pest Surveilance will be held in Kuala Lumpur from the 15 - 20 August 2005.The workshop will improve the capacity of APEC economies to identify established pests and exotic pest threats, build specimen-based pest lists, detect new exotic pests and demonstrate the pest status of an area to underpin market access negotiations. Capacity building activities that facilitate trade are consistent with the objectives of the APEC Economic Leaders for the promotion of trade in food products (Brunei Darussalam, November 2000) and the Osaka Action Agenda. The objectives of the workshops are to: 1) Create awareness and build/enhance/increase capacity in APEC economies to design surveillance programs for building information on the health status of agricultural industries and native flora and for early detection of serious exotic pests. Pest surveillance is an integral component of governmental/industry/pest specific biosecurity plans for supporting trade in agricultural commodities;

2) Build APEC-wide understanding of, and share information on, the need for economies to engage in biosecurity planning as a means of containing transboundary movement of exotic pests (e.g. golden apple snail, avian flu, banana bunchy top virus, etc.) and to mitigate damage and losses caused by invasive pests and diseases that do cross sovereign borders; 3) Build capacity of economies to respond to exotic pests to reduce economic impacts caused by incursions and outbreaks of such invasives; and 4) Strengthen capacity of APEC economies to implement SPS measures in compliance to the requirements of the WTO SPS Agreement. The Meeting will comprise two back-to-back workshops on biosecurity planning and surveillance on plant pests. The first workshop will involve presentations that address elements of biosecurity planning and the workshop on surveillance of plant pests will look at the principles and current state of knowledge on surveillance.

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Ms. Azizah Md. Jan
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