ePhyto Steering Group

The IPPC ePhyto Steering Group was established by the 8th session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) to commence work on key components to assist countries with their implementation of ePhyto.

CPM-8 (2013) recognized the need for a programme to specifically promote and provide guidance on the development of ePhyto, and provide information and tools for those countries that opt to use an ePhyto system.

The purpose of the ePhyto Steering Group is to provide oversight, guidance and advice on IPPC efforts to facilitate the international exchange of electronic phytosanitary information among contracting parties.

标题 Files Publication date
Terms of Reference for the ePhyto Steering Group En 13 九月 2018
Reports of meetings Link 08 十二月 2016
Factsheet 2: The Global ePhyto Hub Link 07 二月 2019
Factsheet 3: The Generic ePhyto National System Link 07 二月 2019
Factsheet 4: The ePhyto Pilot Link 07 二月 2019
Factsheet 5: Security of ePhyto En 07 二月 2019

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