A Milestone for Implementation of Enhancement Evaluation: Preparing for Establishment of an Oversight Subsidiary Body on Implementation of the IPPC

Posted on 星期一, 25 七月 2016, 09:32

The Focus Group on establishment of a new subsidiary body for implementation of the IPPC met from 18-22 July 2016 at the EPPO Headquarters in Paris, France. The Focus Group was established following the decision by CPM 11 (2016) so as to carefully consider the purpose, scope and functions of the new subsidiary body and to propose governance, membership, and Rules of Procedure. The Focus Group was composed of a member from each region nominated through their Bureau member, as well as of one representative from the CPM Bureau, the Capacity Development Committee (CDC), the Standard Committee (SC), the Regional Plant Protection Organizations (RPPOs) and the IPPC Secretariat. The Focus Group meeting was chaired by Mr. Martin Ward, the Director-General of the EPPO, and opened by Mr. Jingyuan Xia, the IPPC Secretary.

The main objectives of the meeting were to conduct brainstorming about why, what, how, and who to establish an oversight subsidiary body on implementation of the IPPC, and to develop the Terms of Reference for the new body. The Meeting was carried out through information sharing, plenary and group discussion, and a virtual meeting with CBD Secretariat. The Focus Group worked effectively and in a cooperative manner through exercises to define the Terms of Reference, including the purpose, scope, functions of the new body for implementation, its Rules of Procedures, and a proposed name. The Focus Group considered the best ways for this new subsidiary body to collaborate with the SC and the RPPOs and to establish good relationships with the CPM, the Bureau, the IPPC Secretariat and the Strategic Planning Group (SPG).

The results from the Focus Group meeting will be shared with the SPG meeting in October 2016 for discussion and refining, prior to the Bureau’s consideration. The Bureau would then recommend to CPM-12 (2017) the finalized Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for the new subsidiary body. Thus, this Focus Group meeting was a milestone to concretely implement the IPPC Enhancement Evaluation, and to actively contribute to moving towards “One IPPC”.



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