Achievements of the Integration and Support Team in 2016 and its Core Activities for 2017

Posted on 星期二, 28 三月 2017, 17:24

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The Integration and Support Team (IST) deals with crosscutting activities of the IPPC Secretariat in close cooperation with Standard Setting Unit SSU) and Implementation Facilitation Unit (IFU), and Task Force of Communication and Advocacy (TFCA). The major achievements of the IST in 2016 are highlighted as follows:

1) Adopted General and Specific IPPC NRO Procedures at CPM-11, released 12 issues of newsletter NRO Update, and held the first IPPC Workshop on NRO for Asian countries.

2) Released renewed IPP homepage and new Online Comment System, revised the structure for IRSS pages, and released a new Help Desk.

3) Assist organization of a keynote address at CPM 11 on the IPPC Annual Theme Plant Health and Food Security, three IPPC serious seminars on the annual theme, one side event on the annual theme during the 43rd Session of the Committee on World Food Security of FAO, and one on the IYPH 2020 during the 25th session of the FAO Committee on Agriculture.

4) Issued over 170 IPPC Headline and Brief News with more than 70% increased in comparison to 2015.

5) Published the 2015 IPPC Annual Report 2015 with 1,000 copies distributed, and prepared the 2016 IPPC Annual report.

6) Supported to organizing the 1st Steering Committee (StC) meeting on IYPH 2020.

The core activities for the IST and TFCA in 2017 are: a) to hold IPPC Workshop on NRO for Pacific region and issue newsletter NRO Update; b) to help organize a series of activities on the 2017 IPPC annual Plant health and Trade Facilitation mainly on key address at CPM 12 and IPPC Seminars (side events); c) to initialize migration of IPP website under, work with SharePoint, and develop Participants Database; d) to release over 100 items of IPPC Headline News, and publish the 2016 IPPC Annual report; and e) to support to activities of IYPF StC and the IPPC 65th Anniversary.

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