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Theme of 2015 Mid-year Meeting of the IPPC Secretariat: Strategic Planning on IPPC and Renewing of its Secretariat

Posted on 星期五, 31 七月 2015, 10:55

The 2015 Mid-year meeting of the IPPC Secretariat was held on 28 July at the HQ-FAO in Rome. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Jingyuan Xia, the IPPC Secretary, with participation of all Secretariat staff. Team Leaders, Brent Larson, David Nowell and Orlando Sosa, made presentations of their work in the respected teams, and Craig Fedchock, the IPPC Coordinator, delivered a report on the important Secretariat issues. All staff in the Meeting actively shared their review and put forward valuab...

标签: achievementssemester reportmidyear report
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Call for Phytosanitary Technical Resources

Posted on 星期四, 23 七月 2015, 15:04

Following key decisions of the 10th session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measure (CPM) in March 2015 and the Capacity Development Committee (CDC) 6th meeting in June 2015 the IPPC Secretariat is issuing a call for the collection of following technical resources:

  • Software applications (including mobile apps) for pest ident...

    标签: CPMCDCPhytosanitary Technical Resources
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    The IPPC, climate change and food security

    Posted on 星期二, 14 七月 2015, 15:17

    14 July 2015. The IPPC Coordinator, Craig Fedchock, delivered the keynote speech at the Milan Expo conference on “Climate change and food security: challenges for plant health, plant breeding and genetic resources”, organized by the European Commission in the framework of the Milan Expo.

    Mr Fedchock focused on the impacts and inter-relations of plant health, climate change and food security. The IPPC Coordinator noted that pests are nowadays unfortunately in the news due to the chal...

    标签: food securityenvironmental protectiontrade facilitationcapacity developmentIYPHClimate changephytosanitary risk
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    TP updates (May 2014 to May 2015) posted!

    Posted on 星期一, 13 七月 2015, 12:46

    Following recommendation from the Standards Committee (May 2015), and in the ever searching effort for increased transparency, the IPPC Secretariat is pleased to announce that the major accomplishments from May 2014 to May 2015 of the five SC oversighted technical panels have been posted publicly. On the public sites of the technical panels, the IPPC community now has access to summarized information and presentations of the work carried out by the panels.

    Please see the following ...

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    Notification period on draft Diagnostic Protocols opened today!

    Posted on 星期三, 01 七月 2015, 12:06

    The Notification period for the following draft diagnostic protocols (DPs) has started today.

    1. Ditylenchus destructor and Ditylenchus dipsaci (2004-017)
    2. Phytoplasmas (2004-018)
    3. Genus Anastrepha (2004-015)

    Contracting parties have 45 days starting from 1 July to 15 August 2015 to review the approved DP and submit a formal objection, if any. The formal objection should be a technically supported objection to the adoption ...

    标签: Dpnotification period
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    Member consultation on draft ISPMs opened today!

    Posted on 星期三, 01 七月 2015, 10:05

    The 2015 member consultation on draft ISPMs has opened today, 1 July, and it will last 150 days, closing on 30 November 2015.

    The following draft ISPMs were submitted for member consultation by the Standards Committe in May 2015:

    • Draft Appendix to ISPM 20 Arrangements for verification of compliance of consignments by the importing country in the exporting country (2005-003)

    • Draft revisions to ISPM 15 (Regulation of wood packaging material in inter...

    标签: ConsultationISPMsDraft
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