e-learning course 'Introduction to the International Plant Protection Convention' is available

Posted on 星期四, 01 二月 2018, 15:34

The IPPC Secretariat would like to announce that an e-learning course Introduction to the International Plant Protection Convention was created and made available on the InforMEA e-learning platform. The course is the result of a collaboration with UN Environment, within the UN Environment Multilateral Environment Agreements Knowledge Management Initiative, that provided technical assistance in the course development free of charge.

InforMEA harvests and displays a series of data obtained from different Multilateral Environmental Agreements including introductory courses. Effectively addressing global environmental challenges depends on a well-functioning and coherent governance framework and on a common understanding of each actor s role and mandate. Enhanced interoperability of information and knowledge systems among Multilateral Environmental Agreements and organizations can greatly assist in overcoming institutional fragmentation. This newly created two-hour course introduces you to the International Plant Protection Convention, an international plant health agreement that aims to protect cultivated and wild plants by preventing the introduction and spread of pests by setting international standards to harmonize phytosanitary measures that would facilitate safe international trade.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate from UN Environment. The course is comprised of four lessons; each lesson includes an interactive module, additional materials and a pdf hand-out. The core content of these lessons is complemented with videos, publications and other web resources. You can also interact with other students and share your stories in the chat rooms and forums.

Please note that a course was created for learners without any prior knowledge of the IPPC, such as new employees of NPPOs, governmental officials, scientists, journalists, etc. and can be useful in preparations to the International Year of Plant Health 2020. While all care was taken to ensure that the information is correct, however due to a nature of a course, some simplifications of processes and avoidance of jargon had to be implemented to make the key message about the IPPC clear. Please note that a course is an introductory course to the Convention and does not cover all areas of activities in detail.

The course is available at: https://e-learning.informea.org (the first course in Biological diversity section)

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