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Posted on 星期五, 30 九月 2016, 20:27

2016年8月8-19日,国际植物保护公约(IPPC)秘书处在泰国清迈组织并举办了 标准和贸易发展基金(STDF)401号项目:植物检疫能力评估(PCE)辅导员培训项目框架下的第二届植物检疫能力评估(PCE)辅导员培训班。


PCE过程涉及有关政治、技术和管理层面的战略思想,并需要有对IPPC及国际植物检疫措施标准(ISPM)深入的了解和对植物检疫系统全面的认知。 它同时需要应用战略规划工具来制定国家层面的能力建设计划。


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Announcement: Capacity Development pre-CPM training session and CPM-9 side sessions

Posted on 星期三, 26 二月 2014, 12:17

A capacity development training session and range of side sessions will take place during the week of the ninth session of the Commission on the Phytosanitary Measures (30 March- 4 of April 2014) at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy.

The training session will take place on the Sunday before the CPM, and the side sessions will take place during the week. The CPM-9 schedule has been adjusted to allow for a two-hour break between the CPM plenary sessions, allowing delegates to participa...

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IPPC Sets a New Partnership for Training in Pest Risks Analysis in the Latin American and Caribbean Region

Posted on 星期四, 22 十二月 2011, 09:10


The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has partnered with the Inter-American Development Bank, The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture'™s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to develop and present a comprehensive training program on pest risk assessment in the Spanish language. Â This first of its kind program addresses an urgent need for training in pest risk analysis in the Latin American and Carib...

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Regional training program in pest risk analysis - 3 October 2011 to 15 May 2012

Posted on 星期五, 26 八月 2011, 10:10

This Training Program is the result of a joint effort that has been first among several institutions to meet the growing demand from developing countries to strengthen their capacities to develop pest risk analysis (PRA).

Objective: The objective is to implement for the first time in the region a Regional Training on Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) focused on the needs of Latin America in order to strengthen the technical capacity to develop a secure ARP that countries are better able to: ...

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Training material for pest risk analysis available

Posted on 星期四, 27 十二月 2007, 09:10

In order to help countries understand and implement international standards on pest risk analysis (PRA), an international steering committee, in conjunction with the IPPC Secretariat, has developed training materials for PRA.

For additional information and to download the training materials, please click here: PRA training

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