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International meeting - Innovative and sustainable approches to control the Red Palm Weevil (RPW)

Posted on 星期五, 22 六月 2018, 09:26

CIHEAM Bari and FAO will organize a three-days meeting at CIHEAM Bari on 23-25 October 2018 entitled: "International meeting - Innovative and sustainable approches to control the Red Palm Weevil (RPW)". More information is available here.

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联合国粮农组织(FAO)-国际植物保护公约(IPPC)-国际地中海高级农艺研究中心(CIHEAM)关于叶缘焦枯病菌(Xylella fastidiosa)的联合研讨会在意大利巴里圆满召开

Posted on 星期三, 04 五月 2016, 13:25

联合国粮农组织(FAO)-国际植物保护公约(IPPC)-国际地中海高级农艺研究中心(CIHEAM)关于叶缘焦枯病菌(Xylella fastidiosa)即橄榄快速脱落综合症(OQDS)联合研讨会在意大利巴里于2016年4月19-22日圆满召开。联合国粮食和农业组织(FAO)、国际植物保护公约(IPPC)、国际地中海高级农艺研究中心(CIHEAM) 的巴里地中海农艺研究所(IAMB),在近东植物保护组织(NEPPO),欧洲植物保护组织(EPPO)的支持下,联手举办本次培训研讨会。这是自在意大利普里亚区橄榄树上发现这种破坏性极强的病原物后,首次针对病原物叶缘焦枯病菌(Xylella fastidiosa)举办的国际性研讨会。来自36个国家和地区、8个国际和区域组织的超过140名代表参加了研讨会。IPPC夏敬源秘书长代表FAO、IPPC以及NEPPO和EPPO在开幕式上致词。IPPC秘书处其他参加人员有Orlando Sosa先生 (履约实施团队组长), Sarah Brunel 女士(履约实施官员) ,和Adriana Moreira女士 (标准制定官员)。


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IPPC Workshops in Central Africa to discuss meeting national reporting obligations and participation in the standard setting process.

Posted on 星期六, 03 十一月 2012, 09:10

Two workshops were held in Libreville, Gabon, from 29 October - 03 November for 10 Central African countries as part of a phytosanitary capacity development project TCP/RAF/3312 funded by FAO. There were 19 participants from the region and the IPPC Secretariat.

The overall IPPC objectives are:

protecting local food security systems from new pest outbreaks; protecting the environment (including forestry), and hence plant resources, from pests of plants; and the safe (phytosani...

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Workshop on the International Movement of Grain Meeting Report and Presentations Available

Posted on 星期五, 10 二月 2012, 09:10

We would like to inform you that the meeting report and all workshop presentations from the Workshop on the International Movement of Grain are now posted on the IPP at

The results from this workshop will be presented to CPM-7 (2012) in CPM document 2012/19. The document is currently under review by the CPM Bureau and will be posted soon on the IPP at

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Workshop on Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation in Lebanon

Posted on 星期五, 14 十月 2011, 10:10

The Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) of the phytosanitary services in Lebanon was carried out in Beirut, Lebanon during the period 08 – 13 May, 2011, within the framework of the project: GCP/LEB/021/ITA. The application of the PCE was requested by the Government of Lebanon and supported by the FAO in-country representation.

The PCE was requested on the basis that it would identify the country priorities for strengthening the phytosanitary services and preparation of a nationa...

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Reminder to register for the Open-ended IPPC workshop on the International Movement of Grain

Posted on 星期五, 14 十月 2011, 10:10

Dear IPPC contact point,

This is a reminder that the Open-ended IPPC workshop on the International Movement of Grain will take place 6 to 8 December 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The CPM-5 (2010) terms of reference for this workshop are attached.

The North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO) has offered their services to organize this workshop and full details on this workshop are posted on NAPPO’s web site:

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Chinese NPPO holds workshop on information exchange

Posted on 星期五, 03 十二月 2010, 09:10

Group discussionsA workshop to train NPPO officers on the use of the International Phytosanitary Portal (IPP) was held successfully in Beijing, China from 26-28 October 2010. The workshop was funded by the Ministry of Agriculture of China and jointly hosted by China, the APPPC and the IPPC Secretariat. The purpose of the workshop was to explain national phytosanitary information exchange obligations under the Convention and to provide training on how the IPPC Contact Point and/or nominated...

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Regional workshops on draft ISPMs support participation in the standards setting process

Posted on 星期一, 08 十一月 2010, 09:10

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) are recognized as the basis for implementing phytosanitary measures applied by Members of the World Trade Organization under the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (the SPS Agreement). ISPMs are developed through a consultative process with multiple opportunities for input by IPPC members. One of key moments for members to provide feedback is during the 100-day consultation period on draft ISPMs. Fe...

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Information exchange workshop with the NPPO in Libreville , Gabon

Posted on 星期日, 06 十二月 2009, 09:10

In November 2009, a workshop was held in Libreville, Gabon, with the aim of increasing familiarity with the Convention and the information exchange obligations identified in the Convention. Participants included the IPPC Contact Point, inspection agents from the ports and agricultural agents from the field. Workshop participants reviewed the reporting types identified in the convention, the parties responsible for reporting, functions of the information, receiving parties, and the related ...

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Update: Regional workshops on draft ISPMs 2008

Posted on 星期五, 19 九月 2008, 10:10

The Regional Workshops on draft ISPMs have been held in the following regions (click on the links for more details): Asia (Fully sponsored by the Republic of Korea) Anglophone Africa (Partial funding provided by the US) Latin America (Fully sponsored by the EC) Near East(Fully self-funded) Pacific (Funding provided by Australia, New Zealand and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)) Reports are posted at: Reports of regional workshops on draft ISPMs

The IPPC Secretariat wo...

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2006 Regional Workshops on draft ISPMs

Posted on 星期四, 27 四月 2006, 10:10

The IPPC Secretariat is in the process of organizing 7 regional workshops to discuss the draft International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) which will be sent for country consultation in June 2006. There will be a period of 100 days for countries to submit their comments to the Secretariat for consideration by the Standards Committee (SC) in November 2006.

The workshops are open to governments only (funding priority to IPPC contracting parties) and other interested par...

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Plant Health Risk Analysis Workshop

Posted on 星期五, 05 八月 2005, 10:10

The preliminary agenda for the upcoming International Plant Health Risk Analysis workshop, to take place 24-28 October 2005 in Niagara Falls, Canada, is now available.

标签: WorkshopRiskplant health
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