CPM-12 e-Commerce Paper and Twitter Storm

Posted on سبت, 08 إبريل 2017, 05:31

A Conference Room Paper on the CPM-12 Special Topic Session: Internet Trade (e-commerce) of plants is now available on the IPP at https://www.ippc.int/static/media/files/publication/en/2017/04/CRP_07_Special_topic_session_e-commerce-2017-04-04.pdf

Please also note that a Twitter storm is planned on Monday 10 April through the IPPC Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ippcnews. NPPOs, RPPOs and relevant organization and companies are kindly requested to answer the following question through theirTwitter account: "What does your organization suggest and pledge to stop the entry and spread of pests through #eCommerce?"

We look forward to your active participation!




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