Standard setting pages on the IPP streamlined for easier access

Posted on إثنين, 24 إبريل 2017, 11:07

Dear IPP users,

We have been discussing the organization of our IPP web pages related to standard setting, as some users were finding it difficult to find some items and the layers were getting too deep.

The Secretariat considered input that users have provided us over the past few years as well as information gathered in a small focus group survey to help ensure our users needs were identified.

We have streamlined our pages, limiting most pages to within two clicks and have simplified our previous postings and documented our history. Most of the main pages will remain the same but with less subpages.

We will be starting this reorganization today, the main standard setting page ( and the page with all the adopted standards ( will remain the same but other pages may be shifted. We hope you will be able to find things easier. To help you out in the beginning, we have posted a site map on the main standard setting page

We hope to have the reorganization completed today.

We welcome your feedback, please send to Pierpaolo Lorenzo ([email protected]).

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