The CPM Bureau Virtual Meeting held in 12th December 2017

Posted on خميس, 14 ديسمبر 2017, 11:31

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The CPM Bureau virtual meeting was held on 12th December 2017 with participation of five Bureau members as well as the representatives from the IPPC Secretariat and FAO legal office. The meeting was chaired by the CPM Chairperson, Ms Lois Ransom (Australia), and opened by Mr Jingyuan Xia, the IPPC Secretary.

The Meeting started with the discussion of the action points of the June 2017 Bureau meeting followed by updates on the progress of IPPC strategic framework 2020-2030, Standards Committee meeting of November 2017, 29th Technical Consultation among RPPOs (TC-RPPOs), the 3rd Steering Committee meeting of International Year of Plant Health (IYPH 2020), the 1st meeting of the IPPC Sea Containers Task Force (SCTF), and the 1st meeting of the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC). The Bureau members discussed the IPPC Secretariat Work Plan and Budget for 2019 and Sustainable funding of the IPPC work programme and agreed to forward them to the CPM-13 for the decision.

The draft detailed agenda of the CPM-13 including the side session agenda was also discussed and approved by Bureau members. The Bureau members endorsed also the updated list of observers to be invited to the CPM-13 to accommodate more partner organizations that could be potential supporters and sponsors for IYPH 2020.

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