The IPPC Implementation and Capacity Development Committee sets its house in order

Posted on ثلاثاء, 29 مايو 2018, 14:58

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The 2nd meeting of the IPPC Implementation Capacity and Development Committee (IC) was held between 21 and 25 May 2018 at FAO-HQ in Rome, Italy with Ms Olga LAVRENTJEVA (Estonia) presiding as the IC Chairperson.

The IC discussed thoroughly the governance and strategic directions of their work to ensure that the work is focused on the CPM priorities and that efficient, clear and transparent processes and procedures are in place.

The IC agreed to establish two new IC Sub-groups on Dispute Avoidance and Settlement and on the Implementation, Review and Support System (IRSS). The Sea Container Task Force (SCTF) was officially recognized as an IC Sub group. The oversight mechanism related to National Reporting Obligations was also agreed.

Several strategic issues such as the development of the Strategies for the Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation tool, for the Development of guides and training material, for the management of projects and Phytosanitary Resources were discussed. The approval of those strategies is anticipated during the IC November 2018 meeting.

The IC also discussed a draft procedure manual for implementation and capacity development with the hope to have the first version approved in November 2018.

Liaison between the IC and the Standard Committee (SC) is in progress. Mr Christopher DALE (Australia), IC representative to the SC and Mr Sam BISHOP (UK), SC representative to the IC, gave a joint update on the outcome of the recent SC meeting, highlighting discussion on the draft ISPMs and potential areas of SC-IC collaboration. The IC agreed to provide ideas and comments on the proposals for areas of further collaboration.

Furthermore, the IC prepared on a list of implementation topics they were working on and assigned priorities. They also decided to present the IC work plan in a spreadsheet in order to track the progress of the delivery of IC tasks.

The following three documents will be submitted for countries consultation for the period of (1 July to 30 August 2018:

  1. General Rules of Procedures for IC Sub-groups.
  2. Terms of Reference of IC IRSS Sub-group
  3. Terms of Reference of the IC Dispute Avoidance and Settlement Sub-group (once approved by the IC electronic decision)

The report of the meeting, once finalized, will be posted on the IPP.

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