The IPPC Standards Committee progress important standards

Posted on خميس, 23 نوفمبر 2017, 16:55

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The Standards Committee (SC), with 27 participants, representing all seven FAO regions, met between 13-17 November 2017 at FAO-HQ in Rome, Italy. The SC led by their Chairperson, Mr Ezequiel FERRO (Argentina), had fruitful discussions on topics of major concern to the phytosanitary world.

Particularly, a long sought compromise was reached on the reorganization of the suite of fruit fly standards. The reorganization will be presented to the CPM-13 (2018). The reorganization should help countries, especially developing countries, have a better and more logical framework to implement the phytosanitary measures related to fruit flies.

The SC reviewed several draft standards and has recommended four to CPM-13 (2018) for adoption. Out of these, the revision of ISPM 6 (Surveillance) is especially awaited by many countries as it plays an essential role in the management of pests. Another new standard on the Requirements for temperature treatments will also help countries improve their application of internationally agreed Phytosanitary treatments (annexes to ISPM 28 (Phytosanitary treatments for regulated pests)) using temperature and other temperature treatment approved bilaterally.

The SC also discussed the two commodity standards pertaining to grain and cut flowers. The SC was divided on the level of requirements required for these commodities which are normally considered low risk. The SC noted several issues that they need direction on and agreed to propose to the Bureau that time be set aside for a thorough discussion on this issue at CPM-13 (2018).

Lastly, the SC approved the Specification 66: Audit in the phytosanitary context and proposed that its priority be changed from 2 to 1, as audits are needed to support other phytosanitary actions. This increased priority would allow the IPPC Secretariat to start working on this important topic already in 2018.

The SC report, once finalized, will be posted on the IPP:

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