Call for experts to develop e-learning materials on “Pest Risk Analysis” - DEADLINE EXTENDED

Posted on Пт, 22 Май 2020, 19:15

Deadline on Вс, 28 Июн 2020, 21:55

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Secretariat is soliciting: 

  • Nominations* for appropriately qualified experts to take part in Virtual Working Groups (WG) to develop e-learning materials on “Pest Risk Analysis***”; 
  • Submissions of any existing relevant materials for the development of training resource(s) on pest risk analysis, as described in a previous call;  
  • In-kind contributions such as photographs, videos, and existing e-learnings to support the development of the above described resource(s). 

These materials will be prepared under the framework of the FAO project to support the COMESA trade facilitation programme (GCP/INT/387/COM).


During the 5th Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) meeting, held on 18-22 November 2019 in Rome, the IPPC Secretariat presented the project “FAO support to COMESA trade facilitation programme” (GCP/INT/387/COM). Among other activities, this project, managed by the IPPC Secretariat, specifically includes the development of a training course on “Pest Risk Analysis”.

The IC endorsed this project, agreeing that it is aligned with the IPPC strategic objectives, has strategic value and should be considered a priority. The IC requested that the Secretariat inform the CPM about their endorsement.  

Because international travel is currently restricted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IPPC Secretariat intends to develop an e-learning course on “Pest Risk Analysis” (PRA), rather than a face-to-face training. An IPPC e-learning on PRA already exists, however a new e-learning is necessary which will take benefit of the recent progress of the Information Technology, e.g. by being more user-friendly and interactive. In order to optimize efforts and resources, the IPPC Secretariat, where possible will follow established procedures for the development of this type of materials, including input from international experts. These materials would then be available to all IPPC contracting parties, not just COMESA countries.    

Purpose of building capacity on “Pest Risk Analysis”

Pest risk analysis (PRA) is “the process of evaluating biological or other scientific and economic evidence to determine whether an organism is a pest, whether it should be regulated, and the strength of any phytosanitary measure may to be taken against it” (ISPM 5). Therefore, PRA should be at the origin of all Phytosanitary activities, providing a technical justification for a country to take measures. However, despite being at the core of Phytosanitary activities, many IPPC Contracting Parties are not able to fully conduct PRA.

E-learning materials on PRA will mainly help support the implementation of the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 2 Framework for pest risk analysis and ISPM 11 Pest risk analysis for quarantine pests.

Who can Apply and Contribute: 

  • Nominations, submissions and in-kind contributions must be submitted to the IPPC Secretariat ([email protected]) by a National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) or a Regional Plant Protection Organizations (RPPO) by 28 June 2020.  
  • Nominated experts include qualified individuals from:  
  • National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs)
  • Regional Plant Protection Organizations (RPPOs)
  • Relevant scientific or regulatory institutions
  • Nominations for qualified experts need to be accompanied by a Summary of Expertise, an up-to-date CV and a signed Statement of Commitment
  • Specific Practical Expertise Required:  
  • Performing Pest risk analyses (including pest risk assessment and/or pest risk management)
  • Contributing to the development of national or regional pest risk analysis schemes
  • Setting pest risk analysis teams and networks at national or regional levels
  • Development of training materials and e-learning courses
  • Delivering face to face or distance training courses through tutoring

Deadline:  Nominations and Submissions are due 28 June 2020. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: One virtual meeting is expected to be organized every month, starting in mid-July 2020 and foreseen to continue until December 2020. In addition, experts should participate in the review of the material submitted and in the preparation of the training materials. These tasks may represent an average of one day of work per month.

Experts may also act as tutors through distant learning from December 2020 until February 2021.


Nominations, Technical Materials and in-kind contributions should be submitted by an NPPO or RPPO by 28 June 2020.

  • Please submit by e-mail to the IPPC Secretariat ([email protected])  with “PRA e-learning materials” in the subject line.
  • Please copy Mr Denis Allex ([email protected]) and Ms Sarah Brunel ([email protected])
  • Include the name of the nominating NPPO/RPPO and the words “Call for Experts: Pest risk analysis” and/or “Expression of Interest to support the Pest risk analysis e-learning materials” in the subject line.

Additional information   

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