STDF Rolling out Systems Approach Globally

Rolling out Systems Approach Globally: Sharing tools for enhanced application of Systems Approach and market negotiation on plant pest risk (MTF/INT/336/STF)

Budget: USD 771.186 Start: 1 July 2018 End: 30 June 2021

The Rolling out Systems Approach Globally project is funded by the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) and implemented by the IPPC Secretariat, in collaboration with the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London (ICL). The IPPC Capacity Development and Implementation Committee (IC) serves as the project steering committee.

The anticipated impact of the project is increased opportunities for export trade in plant products by developing countries through better capacity to deal with phytosanitary issues during market access negotiations and more options for managing pest risk. The greater opportunities will be based on the wider inclusion of more effective and efficient options for managing the pest risk, as estimated by the importing country NPPO, and for resolving issues when trade is disrupted. This will be achieved by enhancing competency and confidence in applying Systems Approach through the use of innovative decision support tools, Beyond Compliance tools, which will be applied to real, priority trade cases. The use of these tools will directly support deeper understanding of ISPM 14 The use of integrated measures in a systems approach for pest risk management by those participating.

The Beyond Compliance tools, developed under another STDF-funded project (STDF/PG/328), provide practical support to improve pest risk management for plant health needs in trade. The tools range from a set of questions to consider when meeting stakeholders, to advanced probabilistic modelling and Bayesian Networks, which will allow the participants to:

Organise existing knowledge and data

Better understand the value of each measure in a system, in particular for Systems Approach (ISPM 14), and where redundancy is valid or restrictive

Estimate the impacts of risk management measures on pest risk, even when empirical data may be lacking

Enhance the competency and confidence of NPPOs in market access negotiations

An eBook about the development and use of these tools can be found at:

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