Call for participation in the Phytosanitary Capacity Development Roster of Consultants

Размещено on Пнд, 29 Апр 2013, 18:19

Plant protection and phytosanitary measures experts are invited to apply to be listed in the Phytosanitary Capacity Development Roster of Consultants.

The Phytosanitary Resources page was developed to consolidate a range of resources related to phytosanitary issues. Current offerings include over 200 technical resources (trainings, diagnostic protocols, etc). A web-based database of service providers on phytosanitary issues on web page will offer information on self-nominated experts with competencies in developing phytosanitary capacity. This roster is intended to help national plant protection organizations, organizations/institutions and other stakeholders find the expertise they need to successfully implement phytosanitary capacity developments projects and activities around the world.

Topics include expertise in technical areas (such as pest risk analysis, surveillance, and phytosanitary treatments) and managerial functions (such as facilitation of the Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation tool, establishment and management of national plant protection organizations).

Qualified experts that would like to be considered to be listed in this roster are encouraged to complete the application form and submit CVs at

For more further information and full instructions on how to register please visit

                                              We look forward to your response!

Disclaimer: Individuals and entities are included in this roster of consultants to consolidate information of possible service providers for phytosanitary capacity development projects. These experts are self-nominated based on the relevance of their education, experience and skills to phytosanitary capacity development. Inclusion in this roster of consultants does not indicate any endorsement or support by the Secretariat of the International Plant Protection Convention or its contracting parties.

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