Detection of Hemileia wrightiae in the Northern Territory

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Втр, 30 Июн 2015, 08:12
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Hemileia wrightiae - (HEMIWR)
Статус оповещения
Wrightia pubescens
Статус вредного организма
  • Present: only in some areas
Географическое распространение
Northern Territory
Краткое описание

The fungus has previously been found in Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, China and India. The fungus has apparently been present in the Northern Territory since 2001, but was misidentified. Wrightia pubescens occurs in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

Its economic impact is unknown
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Chief Plant Protection Officer Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry GPO Box 858 Canberra ACT 2601 Australia [email protected]
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