Detection of tomato torrado virus in South Australia

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Tomato torrado virus - (TOTV00)
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Tomato Solanum lycopersicum
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  • Present: only in some areas
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Detection of tomato torrado virus (ToTV) in greenhouse tomatoes in the Northern Adelaide Plains of South Australia.
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In South Australia, the virus causes leaf mottling, yellow spotting followed by necrosis at the base of leaflets. In some instances stem necrosis can occur. Symptoms are most severe when plants are under stress during autumn and early winter.

Unlike overseas reports, no fruit symptoms (necrotic lines and blotches, and fruit distortion) have been reported from SA.

The virus was first described in 2007. However, there is strong evidence that the virus may have been present in Australia since at least 2005 when similar symptoms were noticed. Preserved samples from that event have tested positive to ToTV.

An exotic plant pest called Tomato torrado virus (ToTV) has been detected in glasshouse tomatoes in South Australia. This newly described virus mainly affects tomatoes and is spread by the greenhouse whitefly. Local observations indicate that many commonly grown tomato varieties seem to be resistant to the virus.
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