Occurrence of Citrus Greening (Huanglongbing) in Barbados

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Пнд, 06 Мар 2017, 15:19
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Report Number
Идентификационная информация о вредном организме
Liberibacter - (1LIBEG)
Статус оповещения
Species of the Rutaceae family particularly Citrus spp.
Статус вредного организма
  • Unknown
Географическое распространение
The organism is present throughout the island.
Краткое описание

The causal agent of Citrus greening (C. Liberibacter spp. ) was identified to be present on samples submitted to The Post Entry Quarantine Faclity, Boodles Research Station in Jamaica and confirmed through the CABI diagnostic service in association with FERA UK.

Reduction in yields and death of citrus plants.
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Michael James-office@spsenquirypoint.gov.bb, pathology_mar@caribsurf.com Ian Gibbs-ianhgibbs@yahoo.com, igibbs@minagriculture.gov.bb
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