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The grape Root Louse or Grape Phylloxera. ,Viteus vitifoliae(Fitch).

Дата публикации
Ср, 09 Июл 2008, 00:00
Последнее обновление
Июль 5, 2011, 9:01 д.п.
Report Number
Идентификационная информация о вредном организме
Viteus vitifoliae - (VITEVI)
Статус оповещения
Vitis spp.
Pest Status (old values from ISPM 8 -1998 )
  • Present: only in some areas
Pest Status (ISPM 8 - 2021)
  • Present: not widely distributed and under official control
Краткое описание

The grape root louse is found in Jiading district Shanghai China in July 2005; now it distributed in very limited area of Shanghai and Hunan province; The area of occurrence reach about 0.67 thousands hectare; Now the eradication program are on the way by MOA in China; The relevant html-Links is: http://www.ppq.gov.cn/Article_Show.asp?ArticleID=329

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