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Updated List of Regulated Pests

Reporting Obligation
  • Список регулируемых вредных организмов
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  • You can find the different pests in separate file for the ease of the search ( Insects & Mites / Pathogens / Weeds )

  • Table №.1 ( Quarantine Pests ) is divided into 2 tables as follows : Table № (1 /A) Unrecorded pests to be declined entry into Egypt Table № (1 /B) Recorded pests to be declined entry into Egypt

  • Table №.2 Pests recorded but will only be admitted after disinfection in accordance with article 15 of plant quarantine legislation

  • Table № 4. Regulated non-quarantine pests for propagation materials / or for the intended use of planting to be declined entry into Egypt ( in accordance with article 17 of plant quarantine legislation )

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