Implementation of ISPM 15 in GERMANY

Publication date
Страны, применяющие МСФМ 15 в отношении импорта
  • Да
Implementation version
  • 2002
Страны, применяющие МСФМ 15 в отношении экспорта
  • Да
Implementation version
Маркировка, установленная МСФМ 15, зарегистрирована в качестве товарного знака
Описание маркировки

ISPM NO.15 MARKS APPROVED BY THE GERMAN PLANT PROTECTION SERVICE: The IPPC logo is always located at the left side of the mark. ISO Code, registration number and treatment abbreviation are located in the right part of the mark in one, two or three lines. The registration number consists of the code for the competent plant protection service of the 16 German Federal States (see below) and the registration number of the operator. The elements ISO Code and registration number are always separated by a hyphen. Additionally, the Code for the plant protection service and the registration number of the operator can also be separated by a hyphen, which is the case with approved marks until the year 2009. Normally, the mark contains a frame and the IPPC logo is separated by a line from the other elements. Because of technical reasons in some cases there is no frame or the lines of the frame may be interrupted. - CODE FOR THE COMPETENT PLANT PROTECTION SERVICE OF THE 16 FEDERAL STATES IN GERMANY: BB =Brandenburg; BE 1 =Berlin; BW =Baden-Württemberg; BW 2 =Baden-Württemberg; BW 4 =Baden-Württemberg; BY =Bavaria; HB =Bremen; HE =Hesse; HH 1 =Hamburg; MV =Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania; NI =Lower Saxony; NS 1 =Lower Saxony; NS 2 =Lower Saxony; NW 1 =North Rhine-Westphalia; NW 2 =North Rhine-Westphalia; NW 3 =North Rhine-Westphalia; RP 1 =Rhineland Palatinate; RP 2 =Rhineland Palatinate; RP 3 =Rhineland Palatinate; SH 1 =Schleswig-Holstein; SH 2 =Schleswig-Holstein; SH 3 =Schleswig-Holstein; SH 4 =Schleswig-Holstein; SL 1 =Saarland; SN 1 =Saxony; ST =Saxony-Anhalt; TH 1 =Thuringia

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