Wood Packaging Material

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Страны, применяющие МСФМ 15 в отношении импорта
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Страны, применяющие МСФМ 15 в отношении экспорта
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Маркировка, установленная МСФМ 15, зарегистрирована в качестве товарного знака
Описание маркировки

NPPO has implemented ISPM 15 for wood packaging materials to be exported since 2009. In the symbol, MM stands for Myanmar, 001 is for code number of Fumigation Company and MB is name of chemical that is used for fumigation or HT for heat treatment. We have 5 treatment service provider. Now a day do not have registered of ISPM and issuance of WPM ( registered in country) for agricultural product to be exported according to ISPM.

Contact for Info
Plant Protection Division (HQ), Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Bayint Naung Road, West Gyogone, Insein Township, Yangon, Myanmar, directorppddoa@gmail.com, ppmas.moai@mptmail.net.mm.
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