The IPPC headline news covers news generated by the IPPC work programme, or through direct interaction by the Secretariat or contracting parties with IPPC stakeholders, and focuses on successes, achievements or impacts. Most of these are generated by the IPPC Secretariat.

Brief news: any news that relates to the IPPC and its work activities. These are sourced from a variety of sources. NPPOs and RPPOs are encouraged to actively provide such news to the IPPC Secretariat for posting. The Secretariat will also add relevant news here as it becomes aware of the items. It is not, nor intends to be, a systematic harvesting of all IPPC-relevant news.

Announcements: these related to organizational arrangements for IPPC meetings, publications of meeting papers or reports and general IPPC administrative issues.

Call and Deadlines: these are requests from the IPPC Secretariat for the nomination of experts for a variety of meetings and activities, initiation of country consultation periods, launching of competitions, and deadlines for consultations e.g. draft ISPMs.

Latest News from the IPPC Secretariat



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