International Barcode of Life: Making every species count

Чтв, 17 Мар 2011, 01:00
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CPM-6 Side event

This talk was presented at CPM-6 on 16 March 2011 during a side event entitled "DNA Barcoding for Plant Protection". A summary of the side event is given below.

Summary: DNA barcoding is emerging as a global standard for identifying species using a standardized gene region. Several major initiatives are underway to compile DNA barcode reference databases that enable the rapid, reliable identification of agricultural pests. These initiatives include QBOL (the Quarantine Barcode of Life project supported by the European Commission), iBOL (the International Barcode of Life project led by the University of Guelph, Canada), and CBOL (the Consortium for the Barcode of Life, hosted by the Smithsonian). CBOL hosted the 2010 meeting of the Technical Panel on Diagnostic Protocols in Washington, DC, where an in-depth discussion was held on the potential role of DNA barcoding in CPM’s mission.

A side-event will present an overview of barcoding, CBOL, iBOL and QBOL and will provide an opportunity to discuss the implementation of barcoding to achieve CPM goals.

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