QBOL - Identification of phytoplasmas using DNA '˜barcodes'™

Чтв, 17 Мар 2011, 01:00
Agenda #
CPM-6 Poster

The poster was presented in the atrium at CPM-6.

Summary: DNA barcoding has arisen as a robust and standardised approach to species identification. QBOL, a new project funded by EU FP7 aims to create a public reference database of diagnostic DNA sequences for all quarantine plant pathogens and to make it available for plant health diagnosticians. Some of the regions used in QBOL are formally approved BARCODE regions (e.g., COI in insects). Approval of other standard regions is in progress. Six work packages are dealing with finding diagnostic discriminative sequences between target and non-target species within fungi, arthropods, bacteria, nematodes, viruses and phytoplasmas.

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