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Official Contact Points of National and Regional Plant Protection Organizations Points de Contact Officiels des Organisations Régionales et Nationales de Protection des Végétaux

Modifications or additions to information should be sent to the IPPC Secretariat at the following address: Les informations modifiées ou ajoutées doivent être envoyées à l'adresse ci-dessous: IPPC Secretariat FAO-AGPP-IPPC Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 00100 Rome, ITALY Fax: (+39) 06-5705 4819 Email: [email protected]

Note that modifications to the sections 1 and 2 (official contact position and person) should be notified through official channels; The IPPC Secretariat will only update IPPC contact point information if they do not have internet access (i.e. for those that cannot update their own information). If a new Contact Point is nominated, this needs to be signed by the relevant person more senior that the new IPPC contact point. Veuillez noter que toute modification des sections 1 et 2 (contact officiel - function et personne) doivent être notifiées par voie officielle Reference is hereby made to APPENDIX XVIII of CPM-1 Report (2006): The role of IPPC Contact Points APPENDICE XVIII de Rapport CPM-1 (2006) ??? ???? ??????? ??????? ????????? ???????

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