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Аудит в фитосанитарном контексте

Пн, 03 Апр 2023, 12:51
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This standard covers audits in the phytosanitary context conducted by a national plant protection organization (NPPO) in its own territory, or with and in the territory of another NPPO. It also covers audits conducted by entities that have been authorized by the NPPO to conduct audits on its behalf. This standard focuses only on the phytosanitary aspects of audits. For general aspects of audits, other sources of information are available.

2023-04-03: ISPM 47 reviewed by AR, ES, RU and ZH LRGs, then noted by CPM-17 (2023) have been posted.

2023-02-06: ISPM 47 language versions as reviewed by the LRGs for AR, ES, RU and ZH have been posted.

2022-07-11: ISPM 47 as adopted by CPM-16 (2022) have been posted in all FAO languages.

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