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The first consultation period on the CPM Recommendation for Safe provision of food and other aid is now open!

Posted on 星期一, 01 七月 2019, 17:22

The following CPM Recommendation is now open for commenting

  1. Safe provision of food and other aid to prevent the introduction of plant pests during an emergency situation (2018-026)

Comments should be submitted through the IPPC Online Comment System (OCS): If you need assistance to use the OCS, please visit the OCS resource page on the IPP or contact the IPPC Secretariat at IPPC-O...

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The 2019 consultation period on draft ISPMs has opened today, 01 July 2019!

Posted on 星期一, 01 七月 2019, 17:06

The following draft ISPMs are for open commenting:


Draft annexes to ISPM 27

  1. Draft Diagnostic protocol for Striga spp. (2008-009) – English only

Draft annexes to ISPM 28

  1. Draft PT: Irradiation treatment for Bactrocera dorsalis (2017-015)
  2. Draft PT: Cold treatment for Ceratitis capitata on Prunus avium, Prunus domestica Continue reading…

    A new version of the IPPC Online Comment System launched today for opening of 2019 consultations

    Posted on 星期一, 01 七月 2019, 14:49

    The IPPC Online Comment System (OCS) was upgraded to a new 6.4 version today, 1st July 2019. The new user interface and enhanced system’s features will facilitate the process of drafting and submitting comments by IPPC contact points.

    The main enhancement for users include:

    • In-line editor of comments (fixed right-hand comment box disappeared, with improved system’s usability).

    • Possibility to format the text of the document (basic fonts, italic, bold, underline...

    标签: OCSOnline Comment System
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    The IPPC Generic ePhyto National System will go live on the 15th of July

    Posted on 星期一, 01 七月 2019, 12:04

    The IPPC Secretariat is proud to announce that on July 15th the Generic National System component of the IPPC ePhyto Solution will go live! This means that countries without their own national electronic certification system who wish to join the IPPC ePhyto Solution can begin their registration process and once fully prepared, can join the IPPC ePhyto Solution through the use of the GeNS. The GeNS is a centralized web- based system that any country without their own electronic certificat...

    标签: ePhyto
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    Minimizing the impact of plant pests - a global surveillance system for crop diseases

    Posted on 星期一, 01 七月 2019, 10:56

    Originally native to the Americas, since 2016 the Fall Armyworm, a destructive pest, has rapidly spread into Africa, the Near East and Asia. ©FAO/Lekha Edirisinghe

    28 June 2019 - Each year an estimated 10 to16 percent of global harvests are lost to plant pests and diseases, at an estimated cost of over USD 220 billion. Pests, pathogens and weeds cause the loss of more than 40 percent of the world’s food supply. A global surveillance system for monitoring a...

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