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Posted on 星期四, 19 三月 2020, 17:37


The Secretariat of the International Plant Protection Convention IPPC) and the World Customs Organization WCO) join forces to facilitate trade whilst protecting societies from undesirable effects

Posted on 星期五, 22 六月 2018, 09:54

Dr. Jingyuan Xia, Secretary of the International Plant Protection Convention, and Dr. Kunio Mi...


Posted on 星期三, 24 八月 2016, 11:10

面对毁灭性的作物病虫害,非洲需要大力提升其植物监测能力。非洲农业上番茄斑潜蝇(Tuta absoluta )的紧急情况再次引起了关于非洲保护其当地农业生产和加强国际贸易方面的能力方面问题的...


Posted on 星期三, 18 五月 2016, 11:34

在Theconversation.com上可以看到由Eric Boa写的文章全文,网址:更多阅读

IPPC Surveillance standard being modernized

Posted on 星期三, 28 十月 2015, 15:31

The IPPC Expert Working Group (EWG) for the Revision of the International Standard for Phytosa...

IPPC Secretariat and Senior CABI officials meet in Rome

Posted on 星期五, 23 十月 2015, 14:18

An IPPC delegation led by Secretary Jingyuan Xia met with a delegation of senior officials fro...

IPPC Secretariat Participates in Tenth Meeting of the Biodiversity Liaison Group

Posted on 星期四, 17 九月 2015, 10:58

IPPC Secretary, Jingyuan Xia, and IPPC Coordinator, Craig Fedchock, were active participants i...

New IPPC Secretary Named

Posted on 星期四, 05 三月 2015, 11:22

Mr. Jingyuan Xia of the People s Republic of China has been named by FAO Director General Graz...

IPPC Secretariat Meets with CBD Executive Secretary

Posted on 星期三, 21 一月 2015, 10:25

(Rome, 20 January 2015). Members of the IPPC Secretariat met with Convention on Biological Div...

IPPC Efforts Toward a Seed Standard in the News

Posted on 星期五, 09 一月 2015, 15:16

The initial issue of the European Seed Magazine has reported on the latest developments regard...

IPPC Coverage of Aquatic Plants

Posted on 星期四, 29 五月 2014, 16:09

At the 9th Session of CPM, the Recommendation CPM-9/2014/1 covering IPPC Coverage of Aquatic P...

CABI and IPPC Technical Working Group meets in Rome

Posted on 星期五, 22 十一月 2013, 16:47

This past week, the Technical Working Group (TWG) between the IPPC Secretariat and CABI, inclu...

The IPPC and CBD meet for their third joint meeting in Montreal

Posted on 星期四, 26 九月 2013, 16:54

Photo by CBD Secretariat On 16-17 of September, the IPPC Secretariat participated in a meeting...

IPPC/CABI Plantwise Collaboration Initiated

Posted on 星期四, 05 九月 2013, 20:42

In recent efforts to improve collaboration on joint activities, the IPPC and CABI Plantwise ha...



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