2018 Call for Topics: Standards and Implementation

Posted on أربعاء, 02 مايو 2018, 09:05

Deadline on جمعة, 31 أغسطس 2018, 23:59

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Ceratitis capitata (Mediterreanean fruit fly) – one of the world’s most destructive agricultural pests. Photo by Derric Nimmo, 2011.

The 2018 call for topics: Standards and Implementation starts on 1 May 2018 and ends on 31 August 2018. The call is made every two years. As agreed by the 13th Session of the As agreed by the 13th Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM), the call for topics solicits proposals for both Standards and Implementation resources to be included in the IPPC work programme and to fill gaps in the Framework for Standards and Implementation. IPPC contracting parties and Regional Plant Protection Organizations (RPPOs) are invited to submit detailed proposals for new topics or for the revision of existing material to the IPPC Secretariat.

Topics being solicited include the following:


• new topics for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs)

• new components to existing ISPMs, such as supplements, annexes or appendices

• revisions or amendments to adopted ISPMs, supplements, annexes, appendices or glossary terms

• pests for which a new diagnostic protocol should be developed


• new implementation resources

• revisions to existing implementation resources

Proposals for Phytosanitary Treatments (as annexes to ISPM 28: Phytosanitary treatments for regulated pests) are solicited separately in an ongoing call for treatments.

Please access the Call for topics: Standards and Implementation page by clicking here for further details regarding the call.

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