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The IPPC exhibition "Pests without Borders"

Posted on جمعة, 10 إبريل 2015, 16:25

The photo contest “Pests without Borders”, organized by the IPPC Secretariat and its Capacity Development Committee, with the financial support from the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF), had the objective to raise public awareness on the protection of cultivated and wild plants by preventing the introduction and spread of pests.

CPM-10 also marked the inauguration of the IPPC exhibition “Pests without Borders”.

The printed photos are now available for display for other organizations. More information at

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Photo contest winners

Posted on جمعة, 20 مارس 2015, 16:05

Aproceros leucopoda young larva feeding on Ulmus cultivar 'Resista' by Thomas Schröder

Dr Thomas Schröder, of the Institute for National and International Plant Health in Braunschweig, Germany, has won first prize in the inaugural Pests Without Borders photo contest organized by the Capacity Development Committee of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

Dr Schröder’s picture of a young larva of the zig zag elm sawfly (Aproceros leucopoda) feeding on a leaf was selected by friends of the IPPC on Facebook and by delegates to the 10th meeting of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures, the IPPC governing body, which ended ...

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IPPC Photo Contest: Pests without Borders!

Posted on ثلاثاء, 10 مارس 2015, 11:54

The three finalist photos and thirty shortlisted photos of the Photo Contest Pest without Borders are available at

Vote now for the winners here.

Deadline for the online voting is 19 March 2015 at 6pm.

In addition to the online voting, in-person voting will take place at the CPM-10 cocktail reception event on the evening of 19th of March, Rome.

The IPPC Secretariat and the Capacity Development Committee (CDC) has launched a photo contest through its Phytosanitary Resource page. Pictures must relate to three thematic areas: pests, the impact of pests affecting food security and ...

وسوم: Photo ContestPest without Borders
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