The First Meeting of the IPPC Implementation Capacity Development Committee Held in Rome Italy

Posted on أربعاء, 20 ديسمبر 2017, 12:36

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IPPC 2017. Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) members and representatives of the IPPC Secretariat convened in Rome, Italy for the first meeting of the IC.

The first meeting the IPPC Implementation Capacity and Development Committee (IC) was held from 11-15 December 2017 at FAO-HQ in Rome, Italy. The meeting was organized and hosted by the IPPC Secretariat. Mr. Jingyuan Xia, IPPC Secretary opened the meeting, followed by the election of IC Member Ms. Olga Lavrentjeva as the IC Chair, IC Member Mr. Dominique Pelletier as the IC Vice-Chair and IC Member and Phytosanitary expert Mr. Christopher Dale as the IC Meeting Rapporteur.

The meeting was attended by the 12 IC members, representative of the Regional Plant Protection Organizations (RPPOs) and the Standards Committee (SC). In addition, the CPM Bureau representative and IPPC Secretariat staff from the Implementation Facilitation Unit (IFU), the Integration and Support Team (IST) and the Standards Setting Unit (SSU) were in attendance.

The main activities and outcomes of the meeting were to 1) review the recommendations made by the previous Capacity Development Committee (CDC) to the IC; 2) to set the implementation and capacity development strategy; 3) to establish the IC operational framework; 4) to discuss several ongoing implementation, capacity development and communication actions; and 5) to set the IC Bi-Annual work programme for 2018 and 2019.

Meeting participants agreed to hold IC and SC back-to- back meetings at least once per year to allow for greater synergies and engagement between the two CPM Subsidiary Bodies and also for improved logistical arrangements and resource savings. The IC also agreed to establish several sub-groups to lead different IPPC initiatives inter alia National Reporting Obligations (NRO) and Dispute Settlement and Avoidance (DAS). The IC agreed upon which IC members would be representing the IC at various IPPC meetings. Finally, the IC set the bi-annual IC work programme for 2018 and 2019, based on the TORs for the IC approved by CPM-12 (2017).

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The report of the meeting will soon be available on the IPP s dedicated Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) webpage.

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