Secretaría de la CIPF

La FAO estableció la Secretaría de la Convención Internacional de Protección Fitosanitaria (CIPF) en 1992, en reconocimiento del creciente papel de la CIPF.

La FAO patrocina la Secretaría, en su Sede en Roma, Italia. El personal de la Secretaría de la CIPF se compone actualmente de un Secretario, un Coordinador y varios oficiales profesionales, además de personal administrativo. La Secretaría también está formada por las partes contratantes que aportan recursos de personal mediante diversas contribuciones.

El Sr. Jingyuan Xia es el Secretario de la CIPF.

Detalles de contacto
International Plant Protection Convention Secretariat (IPPC)
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00153 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39-06-5705-3388
E-mail:[email protected]

Structure of the IPPC Secretariat

The Standards Setting Unit (SSU)

  • coordinates the processes for setting International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) and Commission on phytosanitary measures (CPM) recommendations.
  • provides technical support for implementing the IPPC's strategic framework.
  • supports the Standards Committee (SC) and several expert subgroups that help develop standards.

The Implementation and Facilitation Unit (IFU)

  • coordinates the implementation of the IPPC, the ISPMs and adopted CPM Recommendations.
  • works with contracting parties to develop capacity in implementing the IPPC and its standards.

The Integration Support Team (IST)

  • supports the governance, technical, strategic planning, partnership, and communication and advocacy activities of the IPPC Secretariat.
  • organizes meetings the CPM, the CPM Bureau, Strategic Planning Group (SPG) and Technical Consultation among Regional Plant Protection Organizations (TC- RPPO) meetings.
  • maintains online tools such as the IPPC website, the National Reporting Obligations (NRO) platform, the Online Commenting System (OCS), etc.
  • supports IPPC activities related to emerging pests and other plant health issues.

ePhyto Project Group:

  • maintain the project schedule for global implementation of the IPPC ePhyto Solution
  • coordinate the work of ePhyto Steering Group (ESG)
  • liaise with project partners (UNICC, NPPOs, RPPOs and donors)
  • provide support (policy related, technical) to on boarding countries

Organizational Structure of the IPPC Secretariat
IPPC Secretary
Osama El-Lissy
IPPC Secretary
E-mail [email protected]

Mr. Osama El-Lissy was born in Egypt and is a national of the United States, Mr. El-Lissy holds a doctorate degree in management from the University of Maryland, a Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University, a Master of Public Administration from American University, and a Bachelor of Science in agriculture production and entomology from Cairo University.

Prior to his current appointment as the IPPC Secretary, Dr. El-Lissy worked for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for almost 22 years. For the past nine years, he served as Deputy Administrator of USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. In that role, Dr. El-Lissy led the national plant protection organization of the United States and served as the country’s chief plant health officer. He also provided leadership to 3,000 employees in the United States and around the world.

Dr. El-Lissy held several other executive positions earlier in his USDA career. These included Associate Deputy Administrator, Director of Plant Health Emergency Programs, and National Coordinator of Cotton Pest Programs.

Before joining USDA in 2000, Dr. El-Lissy worked for the Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation from 1994 to 2000, leading one of the largest pest eradication programs in the world. From 1986 to 1994, he worked with the Arizona Cotton Research and Protection Council, managing large-scale cotton pest eradication programs in Arizona and the southwestern region of the United States.

Marko Benovic
Budget and Planning Associate
Tanja Lahti
Secretariat Office Assistant
E-mail [email protected]

Direct support assistance to the IPPC Secretary and IPPC Governance administration. Admin coordination of all IPPC Governing body meetings.
Standard Setting Unit
Avetik Nersisyan
Standard Setting Unit Leader
E-mail [email protected]

Unit lead for standard setting: Management of the standard setting unit including staffing, budgeting and resources mobilization. Management coordination of standard setting activities (Standards Committee (SC), technical panels, expert working groups and other ad-hoc meetings) as well as relevant input into the CPM, SPG and Bureau meetings. Liaison: liaison with relevant organizations and other stakeholders
Adriana Gonçalves Moreira
Standards Setting Officer, Deputy to Unit Leader
E-mail [email protected]

Ms Adriana G. Moreira holds a PhD degree in Plant Pathology with focus on plant virology. Adriana Moreira joined the IPPC, and FAO, in 2012 under the Standard Setting Unit taking the role as IPPC Secretariat lead for the Technical Panel on Diagnostic Protocols (TPDP). Currently, she is Standard Setting Officer and Deputy Assistant to the Team Lead and coordinates the work of the Standards Committee, the IPPC technical panels and expert working groups, which have the objective of drafting International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs). Also, she coordinates the process for CPM Recommendations. Adriana G. Moreira also act as liaison between the IPPC Secretariat and several international organizations by ensuring mutual interest agreements for common understating and implementation of IPPC strategic objectives, mission and vision with the aim to protect the world’s plant resources from pests. In 2019 she was recognized as one of “FAO100 young employees”. She is author and co-author of several scientific publications, book chapters and other type of training materials.
Before joining the IPPC and FAO, Ms Adriana Moreira was Senior Plant Pathologist at multinational seed industry and was the plant quarantine lead coordinating a post-entry quarantine station accredited by the Brazilian NPPO.
Languages: Portuguese (mother tongue), English (fluent) and Spanish (working knowledge).
Artur Shamilov
Standards Setting Officer
E-mail [email protected]

Coordinate and lead the work of the Technical Panel for the Glossary (TPG), and several other SSU topics and working groups. Support to the SC, expert working groups, CPM Recommendations and other standard setting activities. SSU lead for e-commerce topics. Input into IPPC Governance and outreach material. Liaison: liaison with relevant organizations including the Biological Weapons Convention - the United Nations and FAO antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
Janka Kiss
Standard Setting Associate
E-mail [email protected]

Ms Janka Kiss is a phytosanitary specialist with MSc in Plant protection and a BSc in Horticultural engineering. She has worked with the Standard Setting Unit of the IPPC Secretariat since 2016. Her main responsibilities are to coordinate and lead the work of Technical Panel on Phytosanitary Treatments, to support Expert Working Group meetings and the Standards Committee. She maintains the IPPC Phytosanitary Treatments search tool and the call for phytosanitary treatments.
Aixa DelGreco
Standard Setting Assistant (50%)
E-mail [email protected]

Language Review Groups (LRGs) coordination, responsible for the ink amendments implementation and finalization and online publication of adopted International Standards in all FAO languages
Karen Rouen
Standard Setting Assistant (35%)
E-mail [email protected]

Scientific copy-editor of all IPPC standard setting documents, particularly ISPMs and meeting reports. Report writer for standard setting meetings. Also provides some editorial and report writing services to other IPPC Secretariat units. More than 20 years of experience in scientific publishing, and before that a PhD and 10 years as a freshwater biologist. Previous experience of development of European standards for freshwater biology methods. Joined the IPPC Secretariat in 2016.
Daniel Torella
giulia Gaviano
Office Assistant
Emmanuel Krah
Colleen Stirling
Lorenzo Monterosa
Implementation Facilitation Unit
Maimouna Abass
Sarah Brunel
Acting Officer in Charge for Implementation Facilitation Unit – daily matters
E-mail [email protected]

Sarah Brunel is a French engineer in Agriculture from
ISARA-Lyon , holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from the Sorbonne University and another one in Anthropology from the French Museum of Natural History. She has 20 years of progressive national, regional and global experience in plant protection, pest and disease control policies and legislation, implementation of the standards for phytosanitary measures, as well as environmental protection and capacity development.
IFU Lead for:
• Supporting the management of the unit including staffing, budgeting and resource mobilization
• Coordination of implementation, facilitation and capacity development activities including the overall coordination of the IC, development of Guides and Training Materials, management of projects, conduct of PCEs and improvement of the PCE, addressing emerging pests (FAW & TR4), and implementation of all projects
IPPC Secretariat Lead for:
• One Health
• CPM FG on Pest Outbreak Alert and Response Systems
Secretariat Liaison Lead: CABI, COLEACP, EC, EFSA, STDF
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish
Barbara Peterson
Implementation Facilitation Officer (In-kind contribution)
E-mail [email protected]

Barbara Peterson has worked as a consultant with the IPPC Secretariat since 2019. She has 20 years of experience as a plant health officer with the NPPO of Canada and worked as an integrated pest management consultant prior to that. She holds a Master’s Degree in Pest Management from Simon Fraser University.
IFU Lead for:
• Managing the development of IPPC Guides and Training Materials
• IC Team on Guides and training materials
• IC Team on e-Commerce
• E-Commerce Guide
• ISPM 15 Guide
• Pest Status Guide
• Task Force for Topics (TFT)
• Online Comment System (OCS)
IPPC Secretariat Lead for:
• CPM SF developmental agenda on e-Commerce
Secretariat Liaison Lead: UPU, GEA, WCO (e-Commerce)
Languages: English, French
Descartes KOUMBA
Implementation Facilitation Officer
E-mail [email protected]

Descartes Koumba is an engineer in Plant production with a degree from the National Institute of Agronomy and Biotechnology (Gabon), in addition to a Master’s Degree in Management of Environment from the Faculty of Science St. Jerome (France). Since 2012, he has served in the Gabonese Ministry of Agriculture and then in the FAO Sub-regional Office for Central Africa (SFC). He joined the IPPC Secretariat in 2019.
IFU Lead for:
 The coordination of the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC)
 Lead for the Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS)
 Lead for IC including meetings, ensuring activities and IC e-Decisions are coordinated.
 Lead for the IC Sub-group on IRSS, Dispute Avoidance and Settlement and ICD Calls
 Supports the Working Groups on eLearning for Export and Inspection
 IC-SC collaboration
 Supports the delivery of regional workshops
 Input into CPM, Bureau & SPG
Secretariat Liaison Lead: IICA
Languages: English, French
Fitzroy White
Implementation Facilitation Consultant
E-mail [email protected]

Fitzroy White is a Jamaican national. After graduating from the College of Agriculture in Portland, Jamaica, with an Associates of Science, Fitzroy joined the government service in the Ministry of Agriculture in 1991. He served in the Plant Quarantine Branch for 27 years and served on many committees relating directly and indirectly to plant health.
IFU Lead for:
• PCE related activities including the coordination of the IC Team on PCE, reviewing the PCE modules, improvement of the PCE tools.
• PCE Facilitator for Mongolia, Fiji, Nepal
Language: English
Natsumi Yamada
Implementation Facilitation Officer
E-mail [email protected]

Natsumi Yamada has worked for 15 years as a plant protection officer of the NPPO of Japan. She holds a Master’s degree in Agriculture from the Open University of Japan.
IFU Lead for:
- IFU communication activities and IC Teams
• Lead for IC Teams on: Contributed resources, Framework for Standards and Implementation, projects, and web-based resources
• Managing the Japan Project
Support for:
• The Working Groups on ISPM 15 Guide, eLearning for PRA and Surveillance
• The delivery of regional workshops.
• Input into CPM, Bureau & SPG
Secretariat Liaison Lead: Imperial College
Languages: English, Japanese
Camilo Beltran Montoya
International Phytosanitary Specialist
Juan RullGabayet
Implementation Facilitation Consultant
E-mail [email protected]

Juan Rull Gabayet is a Mexican national with a PhD in Entomology from the University of Massachusetts. Before joining the IPPC Secretariat, Juan was a research scientist specializing in tephritid fruit flies.
IFU Lead for:
- E-Learning courses on PRA, export certification, surveillance and inspections.
- Guide on contingency planning
- Tutoring to the courses on PRA and export certification.
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Lisa Ferraro
IRSS Communications Support Consultant (part-time)
E-mail [email protected]

Lisa Ferraro is a British and Italian national with a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication from the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. Prior to joining the Secretariat, Lisa worked predominantly in the private sector building and growing brands. Most recently, Lisa headed-up Communications for the Technology Division at WFP. Lisa joined the Secretariat in January 2021, leading communications on a project basis.
IFU lead for:
• Developing communications for IFU overall
• Specific focus on IRSS’ 2022 communication strategy and implementation plan
Languages: English, French, Italian and Portuguese
Rokhila Madaminova
Program Support Specialist
E-mail [email protected]

Rohila Madaminova is a Kyrgyz national with an MA Degree in Political Science and International Relations from Central European University. Prior to joining the Secretariat, she worked for the International Development Law Organization in Rome, for Transparency International – Russia in Moscow, and for South Caucasus and Central Asia Bulletin in Edinburgh.
Support for:
- Implementation of COMESA project and Phytosanitary activities;
- Implementation of IFU activities and programmes
Languages: English, Russian, and Uzbek, Italian (beginner)
Dominique Menon
Implementation Facilitation Senior Expert (In-kind contribution: France)
E-mail [email protected]

Dominique is a civil servant of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty and holds a Master’s degree in agricultural techniques (Ingénieur des techniques agricoles) and a post graduate diploma in agronomy (Ingénieur d’agronomie), both from the “Institut Agro Dijon” in France. He has over 30 years of national and international experience in plant health issues such as agricultural training and capacity building, pest control policies and regulation, project management, locust contingency planning and phytosanitary certification for export including ecertification.
IFU Lead for:
• Contributing to the implementation of the ePhyto solution
• Maintaining and improving the ePhyto tools
• Organizing the work of the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee subgroup on National Reporting Obligations, in particular to modernize the pest reporting system
Languages: English, French
Patrizio Tiscioni
Andile Mbhele
Integration and Support Team
Arop Deng
Integration and Support Team Leader
E-mail [email protected]

Team Lead: My main tasks are the management of the Integration and Support Team (IST) of the IPPC Secretariat, including staffing, budgeting and resources mobilisation. I also coordinate and manage the meetings of the IPPC governing bodies (CPM, CPM Bureau, SPG) and of the management team, secretary office as well as the IPPC Secretariat Annual and Mid-Year meetings. I also provide inputs into other subsidiary bodies’ meetings (FC, SC and IC) as required. I am responsible for the IPPC information management system through overseeing the IPPC International Phytosanitary Portal (IPP), communications and advocacy activities as well as IPPC network activities such as coordination and organization of the IPPC regional workshops and technical consultation among regional plant protection organizations (TC-RPPOs). Other tasks include oversight of the IPPC Secretariat partnership and international cooperation activities through liaison with relevant organizations and other stakeholders (EUPHRESCO, CIHAEM, University of Florence, ISPP, IAPPS, ISTA, ESA and others)
Paola Sentinelli
Information Management Officer, Deputy to Team Leader
E-mail [email protected]

Lead in providing innovative solutions for the development of the IPPC knowledge management technical requirements in order to improve their effectiveness while maintaining the IPPC tools and coordinating knowledge management activities across the IPPC Secretariat.
Aoife Cassin
IPPC Programme Specialist
Mutya Frio
IRSS Communications and Outreach Specialist
E-mail [email protected]

Mutya Frio has a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Communication and is currently a candidate for a Master’s degree in the same field from the University of the Philippines. Prior to joining the secretariat, she has worked as a communications specialist for more than 12 years with UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, FAO and with other international organizations in Asia and Africa.
IFU Lead for:
• Developing and implementing the IRSS Communications Strategy
• Developing strategies and packaging IRSS communication materials to ensure efficient use including web pages, web resources and publications
• Writing and editing news articles, annual reports and press releases
Language: English
John Gilmore
Integration and Support Officer
E-mail [email protected]

Supports the governance, technical, strategic planning, partnership, communication and advocacy activities of the IPPC Secretariat.
Supports IPPC activities related to emerging pests and other plant health issues
Ilona Kudziyarava
Anita Tibasaaga
Communications Specialist
Valeria Belli
Office Assistant
ePhyto Group

Contact Details

  • International Plant Protection Convention Secretariat (IPPC)
    Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
    00153 Rome, Italy
    Tel: +39-06-5705-4812
    E-mail:[email protected]