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IPPC Observatory

The IPPC Observatory is a system that monitors the implementation of the IPPC, ISPMs, and CPM Recommendations.

The IPPC Secretariat set up this evaluation system to help national plant protection organizations (NPPOs) identify challenges and best practices in implementation and address them through recommended actions.

The IPPC Observatory supports NPPOs by providing vital information generated through general surveys and studies on various topics. Along with other IPPC units and partners, it has also set up the IPPC Phytosanitary Systems components pages, a web-based hub of resources and tools to help contracting parties in implementing the IPPC, ISPMs and recommendations by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM).

The IPPC Observatory was originally conceived as the Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS) in 2011, largely funded by the European Commission with additional funding from Switzerland. The IPPC Secretariat transitioned it to the IPPC Observatory, a core IPPC activity, upon confirmation from CPM-16 (2022).

Impact of IPPC Observatory studies on IPPC implementation

In-depth study and analyses on topics related to the Convention are often a precursor to CPM recommendations. Several CPM recommendations were developed to address various challenges and recommendations identified in these studies.
Study on the Uses and Risks of Aquatic Plants Study on the Internet trade (e-Commerce) in Plants: Potential Phytosanitary Risks (2012) Study on IPPC Diagnostic Protocols (ongoing) Study on Developing Guidance on Risk-based Border Management (ongoing)

General surveys: Rethinking the design for better results

Analyzing surveys can be an insightful undertaking where a myriad of learning can be gained. In 2012 and 2016, the IPPC Observatory conducted general surveys to determine how NPPOs assessed themselves against IPPC and ISPM implementation. Read more.
First General Survey
Second General Survey

IPPC Observatory studies

The Observatory has conducted surveys, studies and reviews over the years to help contracting parties gain insights and help them in implementation. Browse through the documents below which are arranged according to topic.

Phytosanitary surveillance

ISPM Implementation

IPPC Implementation

Compliance mechanism

Benefits of Contracting Party Implementation

Use of authorizing entities by NPPOs


Biosecurity approach

Aquatic plants

Global emerging issues

Review: Equivalence

IRSS institutional studies