Projects on Implementation and Capacity Development

The Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) has project reporting session to review phytosanitary projects dealing with implementation and capacity development issues.

This session aims to provide opportunities for IPPC partner organizations to share projects work on these issues and through discussions enrich the outcomes of these projects with different regional experiences from IC members from around the globe.

Projects reports provided will be posted below.

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Doc Título Archivos Fecha de publicación
P2018-19 IAEA_FAO_RAS5067_Area-wide fruit fly pest management programmes En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-20 AUS_STDF/PG/521_STDF Surveillance Information Management Systems Project En 13 Nov 2018
IC Project Reporting Template (2018-11) En 05 Oct 2018
P2018-21 FAO_SLC_Technical Assistance for Strengthening Sanitary & Phytosanitary Legislation in Barbados/PCE Barbados En 22 Nov 2018
P2018-01 IPPC Secretariat_GCP/GLO/877/EC_The third cycle (2018-2020) of the IPPC Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS) project En 31 Oct 2018
P2018-03 FAO_SEC_MTF/AZE/007/STF_Strengthening Phytosanitary Control and Diagnostic Services in Azerbaijan En 31 Oct 2018
P2018-02 CABI_Pest Risk Information Service (PRISE) En 01 Nov 2018
P2018-04 CEP_ICL_MTF/INT/336/STF_Rolling out Systems Approach globally - sharing tools for enhanced application of Systems Approach and market negotiation on plant pest risk En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-05 IPPC_Secretariat_European Commission_EC/GCP/GLO/725_Support for implementation of the IPPC En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-07 IPPC_Secretariat_Canada_MDTF_IPPC Guide on PFA and Associated Global Training Workshop En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-08 IPPC Secretariat_SCTF_MDTF_Secretariat_Sea Containers Task Force En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-09 IPPC_Secretariat_Japan_GCP/GLO/827_JPN_Cooperation for development of the ePhyto Solution and implementation of the Convention and International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-10 IPPC_Secretariat_China_GCP/INT/291/CPR_Strengthening the capacity of developing contracting parties to implement the IPPC En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-11 IICA_Greater Caribbean Safeguarding Initiative (GCSI) En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-12 IICA_IPPC Standards review En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-06 IPPC_Secretariat_Netherlands_ISF_MDTF_Development of Implementation resources for recently adopted standards En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-13 STDF_overview for CPM-13 En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-14 IPPC_Secretariat_Republic of Korea_MDTF_Special IPPC Trust Fund En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-15 IPPC_Secretariat_Swiss Confederation_MDTF_Special IPPC Trust Fund En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-16 IAEA_FAO_RAF5074_Regional Training Course on the Use of GIS and ISPMs En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-17 IAEA_FAO_RAS5076_Harmonizing and Strengthening Surveillance systems En 09 Nov 2018
P2018-18 IAEA_FAO_RLA5070_Strengthening Fruit Fly Surveillance and Control Measures En 09 Nov 2018

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