Implementation of ISPM 15

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El país aplicó la NIMF 15 para las importaciones
Versión de la aplicación
  • 2009
El país aplicó la NIMF 15 para las exportaciones
Versión de la aplicación
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The requirements outlined in ISPM 15 have been incorporated into the conditions for importing solid wood packaging materials into Australia. These are detailed in Australia’s Biosecurity Import Conditions (BICON) under the cases: • ‘Timber and bamboo packaging’ for packaging imported as a commodity – e.g. a consignment of wooden pallets imported for use in Australia. • ‘Non-commodity’ for packaging used to support other commodities – e.g. wooden pallets used to support a consignment of other goods. Australia accepts solid timber packaging that is compliant with ISPM 15, but also offers alternative treatment options and will accept consignments of timber packaging that can meet the alternative requirements outlined in BICON.

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