IPPC Official Contact Point

   Mr. Dyikanbai Kenzhebaev

   Director of the Department of Chemicalization, Protection and Quarantine of plants
  Department of Chemicalization, Protection and Quаrапtinе of plants of the Ministry of Аgriсulturе, Water Мапаgеmепt and Rurаl Development of the Куrgyz Republic
  720019, 4З Razzrkova Str. Bishkek. Куrgуz Republic Kyrgyzstan
  Phone: +996 12 620820
   Mobile: +996 770110180
   Fax: +996 З 12 620820
  Correo electrónico: [email protected]
  Alternate Email: [email protected]
  Sitio Web:
  Date contact registration: 30 Abr 2021

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