Ports of Entry

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FSM main Ports of Entry are situated at the main island states of the Federation and a few at its outer atolls:

Airports: Kosrae - Kosrae International Airport Pohnpei - Pohnpei Inernational Airport Chuuk - Chuuk International Airport Yap - Yap International Airport and Ulithi Airstrip Seaports: Kosrae -Okat Harbor and Lelu Harbor Pohnpei -Kolonia Harbor Chuuk -Weno (Moen) Anchorage, and Satowan Anchorage Yap -Tomil Harbor and Ulithi Anchorage Post Offices Kosrae - Tofol Pohnpei -Kolonia and Palikir Chuuk -Weno Yap -Colonia

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Mr. John Wichep, Plant & Animal Quarantine Specialist Quarantine Services, Agriculture Unit, Department of Resources & Development, FSM National Government P.O. Box PS-12, Palikir, Pohnpei FM 96941 Tel: (691) 320-5133/2646 Fax: (691) 320-5854 E-mail: jwichep@fsmrd.fm; alt.: j_wichep@yahoo.com
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