Implementation of ISPM 15(SG)

Fecha de publicación
El país aplicó la NIMF 15 para las importaciones
  • No
Versión de la aplicación
  • 2009
El país aplicó la NIMF 15 para las exportaciones
Versión de la aplicación
La marca de la NIMF 15 es una marca registrada
Descripción de la marca

Certification mark containing the word " IPPC" and wheat sheaf drawing for class 20 goods (trade mark reference: T0321041H); class 19 (TM reference: T0321040) & Class 37 (TM reference: T0321042H). Including Country Code: SG-000 & either MB or HT. Pls. see attached file ie stamp.jpg ISPM 15 symbol for Singapore has been renewed by FAO for the next 10 years ie 2013 - 2023.

contacto para información
Ms. Mei Lai Yap; [email protected] For import into Singapore, ISPM no 15 requirement is not required. For export from Singapore, requirement of ISPM no. 15 for exports /re-exports from Singapore depends on the requirements of importing country. If import country requires ISPM no 15 on export/re-export into their country, then Singapore can facilitate the compliance to ISPM no 15 for export/re-export.
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