Description of the NPPO Timor-Leste

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Description of the NPPO Timor-Leste

Department of Horticulture and Plant Protection Conducts surveillance of plant pests, provides information on pest status, monitors the extent of damage caused by pests. • Chief of the Department is IPPC contact point Plant Pest management • surveillance of plant pests • control of plant pests • extension activities • research Plant Disease management • surveillance of plant diseases • control of plant diseases • extension activities • research Weed management • surveillance of weeds • control of weeds, including the introduction of biocontrol agents • extension activities • research Pesticide management • Regulates use of pesticides • extension activities • research Plant pest and disease laboratory • Provides identification services for pests, diseases and weeds • research

National Director of Quarantine and Biosecurity Provides leadership to Timor-Leste’s biosecurity and plant health activities to underpin biosecurity and facilitate international market access; is the focal point for international plant protection activities. Provides Timor-Leste’s input and support to international plant protection bodies, including standard setting activities. • National Director of Quarantine and Biosecurity is IPPC Editor Department of Plant Quarantine Responsible for all matters concerning the import and export of plants and plant products, maintenance of pests lists and response to incursions Plant Quarantine Operations Responsible for import permits and phytosanitary certification Plant Science Manager Coordinates response to plant pest incursions, provides science-based quarantine assessments and policy advice to support Timor-Leste’s plant-based agricultural exports and protect Timor-Leste from plant-based biosecurity risks to agricultural productivity and market access Plant Inspection Operations Regulates the import and export of plant products by the delivery of import and export inspection services

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Email: [email protected] Alternate Email: [email protected] Phone: (+670) 3331010 Mobile: +670 7723528
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Description of the NPPO Timor-Leste
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