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ePhyto Project Advisory Committee

The ePhyto Project Advisory Committee (PAC) has been established to link the ePhyto Project to other international initiatives on electronic certification. The PAC provides advice to the ePhyto Project Technical Committee (PTC) on specific issues raised by the PTC and provides guidance on project implementation. The PAC also monitors the delivery of the project based upon the performance indicators specified in the project plan and evaluates project development by reviewing progress reports.

The PAC meets on an annual basis or by electronic communication.

Título Archivos Publications date
Report of the Meeting of the PAC with the ePhyto Technical Committee and the Industry Advisory Group, Geneva, CH En 18 Jul 2016
Report of the Meeting of the PAC with the Project Technical Committee, Geneva, CH En 18 Jul 2016
Progress report of 10th April 2017 En 12 Abr 2017
Report of the PAC and Business Model Experts Meeting, Geneva,CH En 20 Mar 2018
Report- PAC Meeting July 2018 Rome, Italy En
Report - PAC Meeting January 2019 Geneva, CH En 01 Mar 2019
Terms of reference of the ePhyto Project Advisory Group En 05 Jul 2016

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