Four draft standards approved for the 2019 second consultation by the IPPC Standards Committee Working Group SC-7)

Publicado on Vie, 24 May 2019, 09:12

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Standards Committee Working Group (SC-7) members, stewards of draft International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) and IPPC Secretariat members at the SC-7 2019 meeting. © FAO

17 May 2019, Rome -The Standards Committee working group (SC-7), led by the elected Chairperson Mr Stephen Butcher (New Zealand), met from 13 to 17 May 2019 at FAO Headquarters in Rome. The SC-7 consists of seven SC members - one representative from each FAO region.

The SC-7 discussed draft standards that had been commented upon by IPPC Official contact points during the first consultation. They considered the compiled comments, the stewards considerations and recommendations on the use of terms and consistency as provided by the Technical Panel for the Glossary.

The SC-7 then approved the following four draft standards for submission to the second consultation period which will take place from 1 July to 30 September 2019 using the Online Comment System:

1. Draft 2018 Amendments to ISPM 5 Glossary of Phytosanitary terms (1994-001):

The Glossary is regularly revised to ensure the best common understanding of phytosanitary terms.

2. Revision of ISPM 8: Determination of pest status in an area (2009-005):

Pest records are used to determine the presence or absence of a pest in an area and this standard describes what information is used to make such determination. The revision addresses the quality of information to be used to determine pest status and provides clarification and harmonization with other related standards.

3. Requirements for NPPOs if authorizing entities to perform phytosanitary actions (2014-002):

This standard will provide a framework that enables National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) to develop and implement a programme for the authorization of entities to perform specific phytosanitary actions such as inspection, testing or surveillance if the NPPOs decide to do so. Authorization of entities is a possibility granted by the IPPC to the NPPOs which is already common practice in many countries. The need for international harmonization when considering, developing and implementing authorization programmes has led to the development of this standard.

4. Requirements for the use of modified atmosphere treatments as a phytosanitary measure (2014-006):

This standard will provide technical guidance to NPPOs on specific procedures for applying modified atmosphere treatments as phytosanitary measures for regulated pests or articles. The standard aims to help harmonize these measures in different countries.

The SC-7 also discussed collaboration with the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC). They focused on implementation issues raised while developing draft standards. They then looked at topics to be included in the 2020 SC-7 agenda - such as commodity and pathways standards - that will be put forth for decision-making at the 2020 Commission on Phytosanitary Measures session (CPM-15).

The SC-7 report will soon be available at:

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