Maldives includes the IPPC in its master plan

Publicado on Jue, 02 Sep 2010, 10:10

Maldives Technical Cooperation ProjectWhen the Republic of the Maldives entered into the process of formulating its Agricultural Master Plan, it was recognized that appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks for plant health were key components necessary for supporting the national agricultural sector. Consequently, the Maldives sought assistance from the FAO Technical Cooperation Programme in drafting a Plant Protection Act and to establish a legal framework consistent with the IPPC and the ISPMs.

Subsequently, the FAO Legal Office and the IPPC Secretariat have worked with the government of the Maldives to review and revise its phytosanitary legislation. To ensure a sound implementation of the legal framework, a phytosanitary assessment was carried out, and on-the-job training, workshops and seminars were conducted to help develop the technical capacity of the staff of the Ministry of State for Fisheries and Agriculture.

This new phytosanitary legislation will give the Maldives the legal foundations on which they can build a pragmatic National Plant Protection Organization while ensuring the necessary international standards for export and import certifications are applied. This will facilitate safe trade while protecting food security (crop production and related environment), plants and plant products from new pests.

The FAO Technical Cooperation Programme is one means by which FAO member nations may seek support for small projects which address specific problems in the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors. Countries have used TCP funds to strengthen their National Plant Protection Organizations; to revise their plant protection legislation; to manage and/or mitigate regulated pests; and to address other phytosanitary issues. Click here for more information on the FAO Technical Cooperation Programme.

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